AmiClo, your friend in the cloud

The new web portal optimizes the remote control of coffee machines.

EVOCA Group presents AmiClo, the revolutionary cloud integrated service for the smart and extremely simplified management of IoT equipped coffee machines.

Making the purchasing experience more pleasant and interactive is now possible thanks to the new cloud platform. AmiClo allows the remote updating of software, the resolution of any technical issues and the customization of the user interface for promoting special offers, without the need for a technician to go on-site. Users are attracted to the machine by modern, animated and frequently updated touch screen interfaces. Product offer and brands promotion becomes a central element of consumer engagement.

AmiClo offers immediate advantages to the operator in the efficient management of their machine park. They can modify drink recipes in order to respond rapidly to clients’ tastes and attract new users, by meeting customers’ expectations and reducing their intervention costs. All this is achieved with the utmost simplicity and immediacy, through an intuitive web interface and thanks to quick and easy configurations with wide customization possibilities, plus unique access to EVOCA cloud services.

AmiClo is compatible with Wittenborg’s new generation coffee machines, such as 9100 models. Coffee machines can be interfaced with AmiClo through one of the many on-board technologies, for instance 4G, LAN e Wi-Fi.

Using the cloud platform, operators can improve profit margins by remotely controlling the whole machine park or just a part of it, thus reducing the total cost of ownership and delivering a top-quality service to customers.

AmiClo features Digital Signagewhich allows operators to send video and images playlists to animate touch screens while products are being dispensed or while machines are in standby by mode, without having to visit the machine. AmiClo also offers ample scope for customizing advertising announcements, for creating a company notice board for in-house communications directly through the platform, or for managing multi-level facilities with personalized access rights. Moreover, thanks to Content Management it is possible to download updated machine software and to change drink recipes parameters. Last but not least, even reboot and reset, on those occasions when a machine fails, can be done remotely and in total safety.

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